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Meet the Hosts of our Podcast - Part 1: Aubrey Magalang


The Belle Club recently launched its podcast series, The Belle Cast, a podcast about K-Beauty, skincare and lifestyle. The Belle Club took time to talk with The Belle Cast's co-host, Aubrey Magalang, a producer, photographer and K-pop stan. 

  • Can you give us a short intro about yourself?
    • "My name is Aubrey! I'm a full time assistant/organizer and part time photographer. I am a huge nerd of K-Pop and anime."
  • What made you want to become a part of this podcast?
    • "I not only enjoy K-Beauty products but I like learning about what goes onto my skin. Hopefully, we can share the knowledge to listeners and a few personal tips."
  • Why do you enjoy K-Beauty?
    • "I enjoy K-Beauty because I use a lot of skin care products of different variations - not just Korean skin care. But, Korean products simply just worked better for my skin. Most of the time it is not harsh-feeling and it clears my face up fast! Also K-Beauty style is hella cute!"
  • What can listeners expect from The Belle Cast?
    • "Listeners can expect, A LOT of laughing, joking and banter. They can also expect helpful tips and some breakdown of what goes into some of the products others might be already using or looking to try out."
  • What do you hope to get out of hosting The Belle Cast?
    • "One thing I want to take away from hosting this show is learning a lot more about what is better to use for myself."
  • Describe The Belle Cast in one phrase.
    • Unapologetically informative and FUN!

You can learn more about Aubrey on her Instagram @aubiwasabi
Hear what Aubrey has to say about her skin care journey and her thoughts on "someone rubbing deodorant on their face."

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