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Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin

Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin


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Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin brings the science of water into your skin. This moisture-packed nourishing toner is also formulated with hydrolyzed collagen and other natural ingredients to provide deep moisturization, brightening, and smoothness to your skin.

The toner is recommended for people

  • With Dry Skin
  • Who Experience Tautness or TIghtening after Cleansing
  • Who Need Control of Skin's Oil and Water Balance

Main Ingredients Include

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
    • Makes absorption easier
    • Nourishment
    • Moisturization
    • Skin Firmness
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract
    • Prevents Dryness
    • Regulates Damaged Skin
  • Allantonin
    • Skin Soothing
    • Moisturizing

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