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d'Alba Piedmont

d'Alba Piedmont seeks to bring beauty through the world's most natural and luxurious ingredients. Using the rare white truffles, d'Alba Piedmont seeks to deliver its majestic value through beauty and skin care. 

The brand derives its name from d'Alba, Italy, a sanctuary of the world's finest including white truffles. Known as "Diamonds in the Ground", white truffles are potent in anti-aging, skin repair and brightening. 

 It is a skin-safe cosmetic product with proven natural origin ingredients.
Synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring agents, synthetic artificial fragrance and up to 20 other harmful ingredients are excluded and scientifically proven natural ingredients are mainly

d’Alba strives to make fundamental improvements to make our customers’ skin healthier.
We seek permanent, fundamental skin health, rather than skin care that can be only
temporarily effective.

d’Alba seeks only hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing cosmetic products.
All our products are non-irritating and have been produced through research and development
of highly Moisturizing functions.All the products of d’Alba have undergone non-stimulatory
Clinical trials at KDRI and are safe products that have received 0 points for skin irritation.

d’Alba’s products are manufactured following strict specifications.
According to the CGMP standard, only high quality products are produced